CRECE is our SUSTAINABILITY program with which we manage this great purpose, as it represents our commitment to society and the environment.

This is distinguished by four important pillars:





Environmental Conservation

The main purpose is the integration of sustainable practices and business strategies to mitigate the environmental impact of our operations through some programs of:

What we measure

We recognize the importance of monitoring and assessing climate risks affecting the environment and the urgency of addressing this global challenge in a friendly manner. It is important that, as a company, we make strong climate commitments and continue to strive every day to create a favorable environment for future generations.

Quality Of Life

It is our priority to improve the living conditions of our employees and their families through various programs such as:

We have been with the ESR distinctive for the 9th consecutive year.

And for 5th year with SMETA audit certificate.

Business Ethics

We protect the human rights of our stakeholders, based on standards of good labor practices. Being ethical in business and respectful of human dignity is the foundation of our relationships.

How do we do it?

Link with the Community

Through our González Iñigo A.C. Foundation, we promote the development of the communities where Grupo Sesajal® is present to contribute to improving the living conditions of people in vulnerable situation. This includes agricultural communities; in addition to supporting programs of other Civil Society Organizations related to our social objective.

We do this through programs, alliances and collaborations that positively impact in three areas:

How do we do it?

Thanks to this, we benefit and transform lives... This is how we inspire