Technological infrastructure for higher product quality

To guarantee our success and growth as a group, at Sesajal® we have the best human talent, passion and commitment; as well as an excellent infrastructure and innovative technology, with which we try to provide the best products to the national and international market.

Since our beginnings, more than 30 years ago, we have offered products derived from oilseeds of the highest quality, produced with raw materials grown in Mexican fields.

We have a solid structure for the supply of imported items, likewise, we provide comprehensive solutions for the industry. We guarantee production, quality, supply, distribution and service, having control throughout the process.

Our innovative machinery helps us to efficiently prepare all our products. They are the basis of our productivity, with which we take advantage of the pressing variants, according to the processing that we give to each seed.

To obtain the products derived from the oleaginous fruits, the seeds go through a process that consists of being divided into two components: pressed product and oil.

The pressed products serve as a valuable food that mainly contains a good amount of protein. Through this process, we obtain the most precious of oilseeds: oil.

In this process, peripheral preparation, recovery and treatment equipment is required; which work in conjunction with the extractor. With the help of this technology, the system of pressing and extracting oil from oilseeds is carried out.

An important stage in the process is the cleaning and separation of the raw material, for which we make use of specialized technology and machinery, which helps us to remove foreign materials such as garbage, stones, sand, and metal parts, quickly and accurately.

The precision cleaning equipment that we use can be mechanical or pneumatic, which includes the vacuum system. With this technology we ensure the quality of the product being produced.

When cooking and conditioning the oilseeds, we use low and high pressure or atmospheric pressure equipment to increase humidity levels at different temperature ranges.

We can emphasize that technology is essential at each stage of the process in the oilseed industry, even in the field, where thanks to agricultural programs, first-class machinery and the technical support of our engineers, we harvest the best fruits.

Together, technology, training and passion manage to cross borders with quality in every way. We invite you to enjoy the products we create at Sesajal®. Enter our page to find out everything we have developed to please your palate and your health.

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